Friday, 23 March 2012

Fibre Friday

Here is all that fluff from last friday all finished as a single. I weighed it at 10g of fluff.

I decided to navajo ply on to the same spindle, which meant I had to wind it off and onto a makeshift bobbin (empty toilet roll tubes are sooo handy for this!), and off I went.

Plying is my favourite part of spinning. The singles take soooo long, but plying is magic. It took about 9 hours to spin the singles, and 2 hours to ply them.

And here it is! I haven't washed it yet, it just sat on the niddy noddy (still love that word) for a few days. Its definitely a fingering weight yarn, I haven't worked out yardage yet. And I have no idea what I'll do with it either!

In other spinning news I dug out my tulipwood spindle (did I name her Spinderella? I think so), and spun a little of my baby camel from MandaCrafts.

You can see a skein, which is the first 75 grams (it was a 150g bag), and the tiny ball is the start of the second 75g. I'm plying on the fly, which is where you spin a length of single, and immediately navajo ply it. I wouldn't be progressing on the spindle otherwise.

One thing I love about spinning on a spindle - I can take it around with me. I took it to knit night and spun a little there. Awesome times. Hopefully there will be a bit more progress next week.

No progress on the wheel this week though.


PS: Landlord is selling the flat. Found out through RightMove. Estate Agents incredibly apologetic that I didn't know, and that I'd been led to believe I couldn't renew lease because I couldn't afford to. Not their fault, but they are superstars.

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