Sunday, 18 March 2012

Sewing Sunday

I've been trying to get this skirt sewn since before the ex and I split (which is anyone is keeping count was 5 months ago now - I'm still hurting bad from it). But last Sunday I finally finished it!

I don't know if the pattern sizings are wrong, or if I've lost weight since I first cut it all out, but its a little too big for me. But thats ok, because I wear it over leggings (my legs never usually see daylight coz of the vitiligo).

I bought the fabric from Fabric Magic in Trowbridge, and the pattern from Jumble Jelly in Bradford-On-Avon. The pattern is a Simplicity one, apparently a learn to sew, very easy one. It wasn't easy!

The pattern was written in gibberish. I sewed everything upside down and the wrong way around at least three times. At one point I ripped the fabric. It was thrown across the room in frustration and left to fester.

And then the sad thing happened, and everything had to move from my beautiful house into this crummy flat (oh hey, which the landlord doesn't want to lease to me anymore - because I'm self employed with Miss Elle Knits I don't get enough income to cover the rent, despite having savings to pay another 6 months up front, so I'll be homeless in 2 months), and it spent a little more time in fester town.

One day I decided to sew more. And I made a dress in an hour. And that made me want to finish this skirt.

I used my rotary cutter and mat to very gently cut off the ripped part, which happened to be at the top, and not as bad as I remembered. I lost less than 5mm of fabric. I put the yoke on the right way round.

And then came the zip. I sewed it using my machine and the zipper foot. All went well. Until I did the zip up and... everything was out of alignment! The yoke on the right hand side was an inch higher than the left hand side!

But the hem was straight. Weird huh?! So I fudged. I folded the yoke over, and stuck everything down with WonderWeb.

All that was left then was the hem. That was the easiest part of the whole skirt.

Look! My first skirt! It has pockets, and a zip!

I feel very proud of myself, and look forward to sewing more of my clothing now!


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  1. Oh dear, it really sounds like tough times!

    Sewing requires SO much patience, I really have to be in the right mood for it. I have a stack of projects waiting for said mood to strike!

    I am very impressed with your pockets and your zip!



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