Saturday, 24 March 2012

Sock Saturday

Ah. Blogger is doing that delightful thing where it turns my pictures around. Fab.

Anyway. Pretend they are the right way round. Excellent. That is another pair of ickle socks, for Rox's son. They are cute. Not much to say about them, 2x2 rib, Rico something or other sock yarn.

So I will tell you about the pair of socks I'm wearing today.

Yellowness! The yarn is Laughing Yaffle. The pattern was a Sock Knitters Annonymous mystery knit-a-long by Nancy Bush (who is awesome by the way, I love her designs!).

Never done a mystery kal before? Basically you get given parts of the pattern over a month (or longer), but you don't know what the pattern is going to look like. Its a big leap, you have to hope that you're going to like it! You will be given specifics before you begin - what type of yarn to use (and colours, specifically if it will work best in a solid colour), how much, needle sizes etc.

With SKA when you finish your pair of socks within a specified time you get entered in a random draw. Well, this pair of socks won for me! I got a skein of sock yarn, can't remember the brand I'm afraid and I'm too lazy to walk the 2 paces it would require to find it, but its yellow and black!


Anyway, in other knitting news I'm working on a sock design that I started last summer during the UK Sock Knitter's A-Z KAL. They were for M, so its been a while. They were marinating, and I think they're working out really well!


1 comment:

  1. Harry walked past as I was reading this and now he wants a pair just like your yellow ones!

    (which are lovely, obviously :-)



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