Monday, 23 April 2012

Day 1 - Colour Lovers 3KCBWDAY1

As a (former? failed?) Goth, I would have expected my stash to have more black in it. Theres the bunch of Sublime extra fine merino DK which will eventually become a cardigan (when it stops breaking my heart - the ex bought it for me you see), theres the black merino with silver angelina that I'm currently spinning on my wheel, and a splash of black in the socks yarn (usually with another colour).

Which makes me wonder why I'm so drawn to colour. I don't wear it really, expect in socks, and the occasional shawlette. Mostly I wear black, with some grey. And thats not because I'm Ruby Gloom or Emily Strange anymore, its just easier. Only one load of laundry to do everyweek then (this is important for a fibromyalgia sufferer who is currently living alone).

There is one item in my stash that I'm incredibly drawn to at the moment:

Not the best picture, but I don't have fantastic light in this crummy flat (sunlight never reaches me!). But its a gorgeous mixture of greens. Its BFL with sparkles, and from FeltStudio UK. I bought it at Unravel 2012, and was just instantly drawn to it. I can't explain why. It was a gorgeous looking spring day though, and this is quite a spring colourway.

But looking back over my finished projects (of which Ravelry says there are 154 plus a couple more I need to add today!), there seems to be a predominance of blue. Alot of them are socks I've knit for my nan (she looks so good in blue)...

Thats quite a bit of blue for 12 out of 154 projects. Of course there are more than 12 blue projects, but these are the ones that looked best on the powerpoint slide.

Enough babbling from me today though!


PS: Yes that is a framed photograph of David Tennant as Ten on top of my stash storage. It is signed. Back when the ex loved me, he got it for me. And yes, that is also a picture of Severus Snape. He is my one true love afterall!


  1. Your stash is amazing, I'm impressed!

    (from another failed goth with an inexplicably colourful stash)

  2. Love your stash.

    Your blues are so beautiful! I guess we all were goths at some point, maybe that is why there is no black? I mean I wore black 24/7 for 5 years, now I like colour, well, bits of it :D


    1. My wardrobe is just black! Its only my handknits that have an occasional colour added!

  3. I found it very interesting to stop and look back at what we actually knit. Blue seems to be your colour though your stash doesn't show it that much, or maybe you've hidden all your blue yarn and fibre?

    1. There really isn't that much blue in my stash at the moment. I'm not sure there is a colour that dominates in there at the moment.

  4. You made me laugh so much !
    Funny we should be so many knitting goths loving colours !
    I love your blues-teals-greens !

  5. I am sooooooo jealous of your stash and the unit it all goes into. I have currently put most of my yarn stash behind the sofa in bags (away from inquisitive little fingers).

    I am also a failed goth as I rarely go a day without pink jeans, a yellow coat or purple trainers lol!

    That lovely yarn from Unravel is stunning. I can't wait to see it knitted up :)



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