Thursday, 26 April 2012

Day 4 - Seasons 3KCBWDAY4

A knitter and crocheter for all seasons? I like to think so. I don't worry about what the weather is doing outside to relate it to my knitting. If I want to knit something awesome, I'm going to knit it!

You see I'm pushed to do these things by the Harry Potter Knitting/Crochet House Cup. Yes, this is a real thing. Each "year" is a 3 month period, with each month being a "term" and you can take classes each month in various things such as Defence Against The Dark Arts, Potions (yum), Herbology etc etc. The prompts can be narrow (craft something that uses the principle of pi - Arithmancy) or wide open (craft something that you have dreamt about - Divination). Points are awarded at 15 base points for a class (a maximum of 6 classes can be awarded this), and then there are bonus points which are awarded for yardage used, good story telling, professor's favourite and other secret ways.

You can also take OWLs (6-8 week projects) and NEWTs (10-12 week projects I think). More recently the Order of the Phoenix has been introduced (4-6 week projects). Each of these carries their own amount of points.

And I can't tell you about this fun without mentioning sorting! We all get sorted. But each "year" we all get sorted again. We go and talk to Mr Sorting Hat, tell him where we'd prefer to be (or not if you don't really care), tell him why you want to be there, and any other details you think are relevant.

Of course I'm a Slytherin. Mmm Snapey goodness. We are the best house (in my opinion lol), we have a bar, hotties, we live in a dungeon with hotties, and did I mention the hotties? We can all claim our own hotties, and some people have originals, and others have geminio copies. I have original Tom Paris, Weyoun and a copy of Snape. We have our own K/CALs, quests and so many other fun things to do.

But I'm digressing from the topic now.

Due to the wonder of the HPKCHC, I no longer worry about the seasons. Here is what I crafted 4 of the months last year:

So quite a range there. And of course, lots of lovely socks :D

And my 3rd Zen Quest was completed and I was awarded this gorgeous little thing:





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