Friday, 6 April 2012

Fibre Friday - Meet Weyoun

Here is my delightful new spindle who I have named Weyoun. He's a present from the gorgeous B and her partner who run MattyMouseMakes and create gorgeous spindles, yarn bowls and buttons (amongst other things) from reclaimed wood that is found around their area. Amazing.

I weighed Weyoun at about 21 grams, which is the heaviest spindle I own. And yet I spun the finest I ever have:

And its been navajo plied (ply on the fly). Its tiny. It looks like laceweight. Its amazing, I swear.

I know its 10 grams of merino, but again, I don't know the yardage. I need a washing and whacking session of some handspun this weekend.

I also spun this tiny sample of a batt I made:
Pretty and shiny! Blue and purple merino, black alpaca, black bamboo and blue and purple angelina.



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