Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Triangular Triangles

I really wanted to write this post last week when I released the pattern, but my laptop (only 3 months old!!!) decided to die on Tuesday night. The harddrive gave up the ghost. And whilst I have been religiously doing back ups, it turns out that I was only backing up documents and music, but not my pictures!!! Madness. That has now been rectified, but I've lost all my pictures since November :(

However most of my knitting ones are on Ravelry and so I can save them again! YAY!

Anyway, this is my latest knitwear design, a bottom up shawl called Triangular Triangles. Why bottom up? Coz then you can make it as a big as you like and use as much yarn as you want! Hey, why not even try using a different weight of yarn? I bet this would look lovely in a laceweight, or even an aran weight for snuggly winter evenings.

This is my favourite way of wearing the shawl, its so cosy. I used Natural Dye Studio Dazzle HT sock yarn, in the colourway "Darling". Its a beautiful mix of blues and purples, very gentle and subtle. I used one skein, with yardage of 437 yards.

Oooo so many triangles in that triangular shawl!!!!

Equally it looks just as nice as a normal shawl! It blocked quite large for just one skein, which I was very impressed with.

As with all my patterns it is fully charted and written. You can purchase it on Ravelry for £2.50.

Public Service Announcement: Please do a back up of your computer! Don't wait! Get your computer to do it for you - mine will now back up every night!!!



  1. Another lovely pattern, well done!

    I learned the Back Up Lesson the hard way, too, and now I'm fairly obsessive about it!

    1. Thanks sweetie :)

      I thought everything was being backed up, apparently the Windows back up is more specific than the Dell local back up, so I've been able to say I want my pictures as well as documents and music now!



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