Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Another update!

Sadly still no pictures yet! But I have moved! My new place is lush, I'm able to sleep without ear plugs. Even though I'm right in the centre of town, my bedroom is at the back and I hear nothing until 8am when the church bells wake me (my flat is owned by the church!). I don't have internet yet, but hopefully next week it will appear. I am incredibly warm, central heating is AMAZING!!!! And the bath is nice too. I have a gorgeous view over the rooftops from my living room window, and I'll share pictures once I'm up and running. So I'm happy, warm, and things are looking good in all ways! Thanks again to everyone for their love, support and good thoughts, and to my wonderful friends who helped me move - I apologise again for the amount of stairs! Elle xxx


  1. are you in church street ? I've been trying to work it out from your 'view' pictures :-D

  2. So happy that things have worked out for you, it seems those prayers were more effective than I thought they would be!



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