Thursday, 21 June 2012

Best days ever!!!!

I've had a very beautiful week so far! On Tuesday I met up with a long-time internet friend Robert and we went for a walk along the river in Bradford-On-Avon. There was a convenient bench opposite a field of sheep, which we must have sat on for about an hour! Making up all sorts of nonsense stories about these sheep and what they were doing. Those two at the back... well, they were stuck together and only counted as one animal! Madness.

And then yesterday I got to play with a duckling! But not on a farm.... oh no... in my local yarn store!!!! The owner of Jumble Jelly's husband runs a company called Woodland Adventurers, and has all sorts of fun and games and animals up at their wood for children. I think its a fabulous idea and want to go and play with the sheep and pigs and chickens (and now ducks!) myself.

Anyway... Chris had just got some baby ducks, and bought them in to show off. I was soooo happy I thought I could die right then! Ducklings are one of the cutest things on the planet for me.

Let the photos of me, Abi and ducklings commence!

4 baby ducks!!! 2 weeks old!!!
For a girl she was very interested in my bewb!
This is my "It's so fluffy I'm going to die!!!" face
I'm soooo happy!!!
My "awwwwww" face as the duckling settled
I don't wanna let go!!!
One day I will live in a little cottage with a small holding. There will be a couple of sheep, a couple of alpaca, and a duck pond. And a huge polytunnel to grow my own veggies in.

This is the dream, and I will make it happen!


Saturday, 16 June 2012

Sock Saturday - Mystery KAL!

Like all good mystery sock KALs it started with a cuff... ok, all the good top-down mystery sock KALs will start here!

Unfortunately I was moving during the process of this KAL... and may not have had all the instructions... and so when I got to this point:

And realised that actually there were two different toe charts as the second sock was supposed to have the "arrows" going the opposite direction... yeah. Well, I tweeted the designer (the awesome Rock and Purl Girl) and she said as long as I was happy with the result, what did it matter?!

And I am happy! I love these socks. They are my transition socks from a horrid cold flat to a beautiful large cheaper warmer flat! Happy rainbow socks!

The yarn is KnitPicks Felici in colourway "Rainbow". I love the Felici yarn, its so soft. But wears really well!

The pattern is the Rock+Purl Mystery Sock KAL (Ravelry link) and is charted and written I think. I just followed the charts!

Extremely well written, I definitely want to try more of Ruth's patterns now!


Friday, 15 June 2012

Fibre Friday - My New Baby!

ARGH! Theres a ladybug on a box!!!

Meet my new baby:

This is Clarabelle. As many of you will know (especially if you listen to the podcast Miss Elle Knits) I have been lusting after this wheel since I tried one out at Unravel in February. Then my gorgeous friend Victoria got one last Friday, and enabled me to purchase my own.

You can faintly see where my ladybug is on the wheel, on the left hand leg under the handle. Here is a close up:

I've named her Annie. Do other people name their bugs too? I know people name their wheels...

So yes... I have Annie and Clarabelle! Now I need a little something to hang on my wheel called Thomas... geddit?!?! (And yes I know its actually spelt Clarabel, but my spelling is prettier!).

So after putting her together (I used tools by myself thanks to Debbie at Jumble Jelly for lending me screwdrivers!!!), I text my friend Laura and said "Let's not start pilates tonite, I want to play with my new wheel!". She agreed, and I settled down for what became a 4 hour marathon spinning session.

We had a little issue getting started, but thats because I'm so used to the tension on my Ashford Joy, and Clarabelle is a little more fierce. I oiled her up, took some deep breaths, and started on some gorgeous superwash merino from Krafty Koala.

Gorgeous purples! I'm using the medium sized whorl, on the smallest bit, in an effort to spin a little thicker, but its not working! I'm unable to spin thick! 

Clarabelle is a dream to spin, I love her oh so very much! Joyce is my travel wheel now, and since I'm only a minute walk from my LYS, she can come out to play more often :)

Here are my babies together:

Don't they look happy?! Apologies for the light, it was about 10pm and I only had my little light on coz I was too lazy to turn the big light on!


Thursday, 7 June 2012

Jubilee Weekend Fun!

Spent the day in Jumble Jelly, as is my custom for Saturdays :) Lots of British themed fabric was bought by various people for bunting. I draped myself in some that Debbie had made, and that was Saturdays celebrations!

A lazy morning, but a fabulous afternoon! BoA had planned a Big Picnic Lunch at Barton Farm. There was a hog roast and brass band promised. So I packed my lunch, found a blanket (cutting up some bin bags to lay on the ground first), and pootled off to meet Laura and Sarah, my picnicing friends. Unfortunately when we got there it was raining again.

The brass band were still there though, and a few braze souls were picnicing under trees. Unfortunately the promised hog roast was not there, and so Laura and Sarah consoled themselves with Pimms.

After a mooch around the little artisan shops we headed back to Laura's flat where she was cooking up some deliciousness foods that even I had a try at eating!

We drank tea from proper cups and saucers, and ate on the floor. Ok, I ate on the floor in the spirit of the failed picnic! After a fun afternoon we parted ways, only to be meeting up again the following day!

I was going to have a fairly intense Monday morning of paperwork and things, but Laura text to ask if I needed to go to the recycling centre (there does not appear to be any recycling boxes where I live now, and Laura doesn't have any either), and since I love to recycle, I said yes! She came and got me and we headed to Trowbridge, where I discovered you can recycle Tetra Pak! YAY! We then had a quick look in New Look in town, and I bought some more vest tops (its rude not to when they are £2.49), however they didn't have any small adult ones... so I ended up with age 14-15 years old! Which should be tax free right coming from the children's section? But they were the same price as the adult ones!

We came back for lunch, and an hour later headed off for Glastonbury, meeting up with Sarah and Libby. By happy coincidence a certain fella who I met at Wonderwool was also in town that day, and we met for a little bit. I don't think its going to go anywhere though unfortunately, I'm still in that head phase of OMG I want my ex back so bad. I had a bit of a wobble on the drive home, and haven't been quite right since about it.

Whilst in Glasto though I did a little bit of purchasing in their awesome wholefood shop, and bought a few new things to try and yum yum yum! I also bought some henna for my hair.

That evening on the BoA events list was a "happening". To start at 9:30. I had a suspicion it would be something to do with the beacons being light across the country, but as we don't have an official beacon, I had no idea what they'd do. I wasn't actually going to go but I saw the time was 9:15, and its literally a 3 minute walk now from where I live to Westbury Gardens, so I figured why the heck not.

On arrival I saw this in the river:

Yup, we were going to be setting fire to the river! There is also a man in a small round boat (corricle sp?). At that point I text Laura as she hadn't been planning to come, and she raced down with her camera too. I bumped into a couple more friends, Dave and Cass and Lou and her family, and we all had lots of fun waiting for the happening to begin!

The mayor arrived and got into the little boat too. The little boat is very small, and only designed for one person... and guess who fell out?! Oh yes, the dear old mayor! I'd overheard him saying that he couldn't swim!

Soon it was time to light the beacon!

The last one is where a small piece tried to make a get away! Luckily the fire brigade where on hand to prevent things like this. They also seemed to just be having lots of fun, having set up this fan like waterfall, and towards the end having a water fight amongst themselves.

There were fireworks, the Queen's theme tune was played, and there was music coming from the gazebo set up around the big tree.

Soon I started to get cold as I didn't have a coat on, and we headed off across the town bridge to get a different view. But it still just looked like burning wood on a river haha!

This was a very lazy morning, involving knitting and Netflix and staying in bed for a while. Then hennaing my hair. Just after washing out the henna and enjoying the lovely shine to my hair, Our Laura text and asked if she could come round (this is now a different Laura!). After explaining I was having a grunge day and exchanging the fact neither of us was wearing make up, she set off down the hill to visit my new place. I quickly tidied up :P

After an enjoyable chat we headed out for a quick walk. Which was good because otherwise I would have stayed in all day feeling sorry for myself!

I went back home, cooked a nice dinner for myself, and spent the evening knitting and watching Fraiser (which also makes me cry as that was the series the ex and I were watching before the split - I got to the episodes we watched the night I left last night and sobbed my heart out).

And so that was my Jubilee weekend. How was yours?


PS: much love to the Queen! WOOP!!!!

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Olympic Torch fun!

And as every good story should... it starts with a bouncy castle!

Hah! On May 22nd 2012, the Olympic Torch relay passed through Bradford-On-Avon, from Trowbridge on its way to Bath. It was Day 4 of the relay, which lets face - thats pretty darn exciting to be so early on! Throughout the day there was lots to see and do, besides the bouncy castle (which I sat on the outside and had a little bounce on, even though you needed to be under 10!).

There was face painting too!

I had a lovely little bat and a glittery moon. For the bargain of £1! Yes, face painting was cheap and the lady who was running it was adorable so I hope she got lots of business.

It was also the end of the BoA Sports festival, so just by the bouncy castle were two table tennis tables, and other various events around town. Live music, a gazebo up around the big tree in Wetbury Gardens for people to use... lots of fun.

The torch was due at 2:25pm or 2:35pm... it had a 5 in it and was around that time, so at 1:45pm we all left Jumble Jelly to stake out our places. I was going to go to my flat and lean out the window since it passed right underneath, but Alexa had staked a great place right outside, so I stayed there with her. After running upstairs first to get my two folding chairs for us to sit on :D

So this was the street as we all started to wait. We were near the end of the relay, and at the bottom of a rather steep hill, so we were feeling sorry for the poor person who had to run up there. It was a beautiful clear and hot day too.

Various things paraded past us in preparation for the torch!

A bus!

Lloys TSB who gave us all wavy things
Coca Cola who handed out free coke

A car!
Eventually we saw the torch!

But no flame?! OMG we suddenly realised we were looking at an exchange point for torch carriers! We were going to see two torches!!!!

Getting instructions on how to use the torch :P

Suddenly the other torch arrived and we watched them "kiss" and pass the flame along. I'll admit I got chills and goosebumps when I saw this.

And off she runs!

Was such a brilliant day, I'm so pleased it was good weather. There is such a community feel in town at the moment, and it was great to see sooo many people out and about enjoying themselves.



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