Friday, 15 June 2012

Fibre Friday - My New Baby!

ARGH! Theres a ladybug on a box!!!

Meet my new baby:

This is Clarabelle. As many of you will know (especially if you listen to the podcast Miss Elle Knits) I have been lusting after this wheel since I tried one out at Unravel in February. Then my gorgeous friend Victoria got one last Friday, and enabled me to purchase my own.

You can faintly see where my ladybug is on the wheel, on the left hand leg under the handle. Here is a close up:

I've named her Annie. Do other people name their bugs too? I know people name their wheels...

So yes... I have Annie and Clarabelle! Now I need a little something to hang on my wheel called Thomas... geddit?!?! (And yes I know its actually spelt Clarabel, but my spelling is prettier!).

So after putting her together (I used tools by myself thanks to Debbie at Jumble Jelly for lending me screwdrivers!!!), I text my friend Laura and said "Let's not start pilates tonite, I want to play with my new wheel!". She agreed, and I settled down for what became a 4 hour marathon spinning session.

We had a little issue getting started, but thats because I'm so used to the tension on my Ashford Joy, and Clarabelle is a little more fierce. I oiled her up, took some deep breaths, and started on some gorgeous superwash merino from Krafty Koala.

Gorgeous purples! I'm using the medium sized whorl, on the smallest bit, in an effort to spin a little thicker, but its not working! I'm unable to spin thick! 

Clarabelle is a dream to spin, I love her oh so very much! Joyce is my travel wheel now, and since I'm only a minute walk from my LYS, she can come out to play more often :)

Here are my babies together:

Don't they look happy?! Apologies for the light, it was about 10pm and I only had my little light on coz I was too lazy to turn the big light on!



  1. What a gorgeous wheel! Also I love the names and I totally got it (my 11yo used to be really into Thomas!)

    Also the fibre and your spinning are to die for!

    And yes I am jealous of your gorgeous wheels and spinning :9)

  2. Do you have a friend called Emily? Cos she may mistakenly borrow Annie and Clarabelle while waiting for her own wheels to arrive.

    [obscure Thomas joke!]

    1. Have been watching Thomas on Netflix, so I get this! Thats what prompted the names... and you've met my friend Emily :P

  3. Yay! It's definitely one of the more watchable children's programmes.



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