Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Olympic Torch fun!

And as every good story should... it starts with a bouncy castle!

Hah! On May 22nd 2012, the Olympic Torch relay passed through Bradford-On-Avon, from Trowbridge on its way to Bath. It was Day 4 of the relay, which lets face - thats pretty darn exciting to be so early on! Throughout the day there was lots to see and do, besides the bouncy castle (which I sat on the outside and had a little bounce on, even though you needed to be under 10!).

There was face painting too!

I had a lovely little bat and a glittery moon. For the bargain of £1! Yes, face painting was cheap and the lady who was running it was adorable so I hope she got lots of business.

It was also the end of the BoA Sports festival, so just by the bouncy castle were two table tennis tables, and other various events around town. Live music, a gazebo up around the big tree in Wetbury Gardens for people to use... lots of fun.

The torch was due at 2:25pm or 2:35pm... it had a 5 in it and was around that time, so at 1:45pm we all left Jumble Jelly to stake out our places. I was going to go to my flat and lean out the window since it passed right underneath, but Alexa had staked a great place right outside, so I stayed there with her. After running upstairs first to get my two folding chairs for us to sit on :D

So this was the street as we all started to wait. We were near the end of the relay, and at the bottom of a rather steep hill, so we were feeling sorry for the poor person who had to run up there. It was a beautiful clear and hot day too.

Various things paraded past us in preparation for the torch!

A bus!

Lloys TSB who gave us all wavy things
Coca Cola who handed out free coke

A car!
Eventually we saw the torch!

But no flame?! OMG we suddenly realised we were looking at an exchange point for torch carriers! We were going to see two torches!!!!

Getting instructions on how to use the torch :P

Suddenly the other torch arrived and we watched them "kiss" and pass the flame along. I'll admit I got chills and goosebumps when I saw this.

And off she runs!

Was such a brilliant day, I'm so pleased it was good weather. There is such a community feel in town at the moment, and it was great to see sooo many people out and about enjoying themselves.


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