Monday, 30 July 2012


Hello! I haven't run away... I went and got myself another job! Oh yes... for those who are counting that is now 4 jobs I work! Number 1: running my own business Miss Elle Knits. Number 2: working in Jumble Jelly my LYS. Number 3: The surf and ski shop. Number 4: A health food and sustainable stuff shop. Phew. So I've been a completely busy bee and bed beckons before 9pm every night these days!

But I have made stuff. First up is a skirt I made on a workshop at Jumble Jelly with the gorgeous Alexa as tutor. She is a fantastic tutor, and went I had a slight meltdown because my sewing machine broke a little bit... she made me feel better. It wasn't my fault that the zip wouldn't sew in, my machine was misbehaving!

Anyway, here is the finished project:
I have more fabric to make another of this style skirt now. I love it!

Second is a cardigan I knit! YAY!

This is Tempest from Knitty. I used Knit Picks Palette yarn which I bought from Great British Yarns. Its used less than the 200g I bought, so this yarn has fantastic yardage. I even made the sleeves longer than the pattern said (8 stripes instead of 4). I love the narrow stripes around the waist to make me look even smaller!

I only made one button hole as I like swingy cardigans, and even on cardies I have with loads of buttons on I only ever do up the top couple.

And so thats all for now. At least you know I'm still alive!


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