Monday, 27 August 2012

Making Monday - Strip Skirt

I've been on a sewing kick! Its fun to make your own clothes to wear :D

Anyway, about 4 months ago I decided I wanted to make a skirt out of strips of fabric, thinking if it worked then I could use up lots of my leftovers in many more skirts!

I found a tutorial which, of course, I can no longer find, but it told me how to make my template and measure where I wanted the skirt to sit and then how many strips of fabric to cut out (with seam allowance and stuff).

So I did all that, made my calculations and cut out 32 strips of fabric/

Plain black, skull and cross bones, dinosaur bones and bats. Totally me!

Because I then moved flats, and my sewing machine then had  wobble after the last skirt, it was a good few months on before I started sewing everything together.

Here are all the strips together, before the yoke:

And since I then couldn't find the pattern again, I used the yoke pattern from another skirt, had some issues making the zip fit (I need some more practice and help with zips I think!), but it finally came together.

I decided that if I hemmed the skirt correctly I would lose length and then it would be too short, so I used bias binding instead. It worked quite well I think!

Unfortunately (or fortunately since I needed it!) between the initial calculations and finishing, I had put a bit of weight on, which means its a little snug on the hips, but it still fits ok! I think any more skirts like this will need one extra strip in them.

I have fabric to make another 3 proper skirts, and then I'll see what is left over and if maybe I can make a few more strip skirts.

Inspired by my sewing tutor telling me that for the whole year she isn't buying new clothing (apart from underwear if its needed), only from charity shops and what she makes herself, I'm going to try it too! I don't often buy new clothing anyway, but if I can learn to fix what I do have, and make more clothing tailored to me, then I think that will be fabulous.

So starting from September, thats what I will be doing for the year!



PS: Four jobs is now back to three jobs, as the fourth job offered me more hours so I took them. I am pretty much full time working now! EEEE!

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  1. Love your skirt,although would be much too short for me!Minis don't suit a 6 footer!!!!



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