Saturday, 24 March 2012

Sock Saturday

Ah. Blogger is doing that delightful thing where it turns my pictures around. Fab.

Anyway. Pretend they are the right way round. Excellent. That is another pair of ickle socks, for Rox's son. They are cute. Not much to say about them, 2x2 rib, Rico something or other sock yarn.

So I will tell you about the pair of socks I'm wearing today.

Yellowness! The yarn is Laughing Yaffle. The pattern was a Sock Knitters Annonymous mystery knit-a-long by Nancy Bush (who is awesome by the way, I love her designs!).

Never done a mystery kal before? Basically you get given parts of the pattern over a month (or longer), but you don't know what the pattern is going to look like. Its a big leap, you have to hope that you're going to like it! You will be given specifics before you begin - what type of yarn to use (and colours, specifically if it will work best in a solid colour), how much, needle sizes etc.

With SKA when you finish your pair of socks within a specified time you get entered in a random draw. Well, this pair of socks won for me! I got a skein of sock yarn, can't remember the brand I'm afraid and I'm too lazy to walk the 2 paces it would require to find it, but its yellow and black!


Anyway, in other knitting news I'm working on a sock design that I started last summer during the UK Sock Knitter's A-Z KAL. They were for M, so its been a while. They were marinating, and I think they're working out really well!


Friday, 23 March 2012

Fibre Friday

Here is all that fluff from last friday all finished as a single. I weighed it at 10g of fluff.

I decided to navajo ply on to the same spindle, which meant I had to wind it off and onto a makeshift bobbin (empty toilet roll tubes are sooo handy for this!), and off I went.

Plying is my favourite part of spinning. The singles take soooo long, but plying is magic. It took about 9 hours to spin the singles, and 2 hours to ply them.

And here it is! I haven't washed it yet, it just sat on the niddy noddy (still love that word) for a few days. Its definitely a fingering weight yarn, I haven't worked out yardage yet. And I have no idea what I'll do with it either!

In other spinning news I dug out my tulipwood spindle (did I name her Spinderella? I think so), and spun a little of my baby camel from MandaCrafts.

You can see a skein, which is the first 75 grams (it was a 150g bag), and the tiny ball is the start of the second 75g. I'm plying on the fly, which is where you spin a length of single, and immediately navajo ply it. I wouldn't be progressing on the spindle otherwise.

One thing I love about spinning on a spindle - I can take it around with me. I took it to knit night and spun a little there. Awesome times. Hopefully there will be a bit more progress next week.

No progress on the wheel this week though.


PS: Landlord is selling the flat. Found out through RightMove. Estate Agents incredibly apologetic that I didn't know, and that I'd been led to believe I couldn't renew lease because I couldn't afford to. Not their fault, but they are superstars.

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Sewing Sunday

I've been trying to get this skirt sewn since before the ex and I split (which is anyone is keeping count was 5 months ago now - I'm still hurting bad from it). But last Sunday I finally finished it!

I don't know if the pattern sizings are wrong, or if I've lost weight since I first cut it all out, but its a little too big for me. But thats ok, because I wear it over leggings (my legs never usually see daylight coz of the vitiligo).

I bought the fabric from Fabric Magic in Trowbridge, and the pattern from Jumble Jelly in Bradford-On-Avon. The pattern is a Simplicity one, apparently a learn to sew, very easy one. It wasn't easy!

The pattern was written in gibberish. I sewed everything upside down and the wrong way around at least three times. At one point I ripped the fabric. It was thrown across the room in frustration and left to fester.

And then the sad thing happened, and everything had to move from my beautiful house into this crummy flat (oh hey, which the landlord doesn't want to lease to me anymore - because I'm self employed with Miss Elle Knits I don't get enough income to cover the rent, despite having savings to pay another 6 months up front, so I'll be homeless in 2 months), and it spent a little more time in fester town.

One day I decided to sew more. And I made a dress in an hour. And that made me want to finish this skirt.

I used my rotary cutter and mat to very gently cut off the ripped part, which happened to be at the top, and not as bad as I remembered. I lost less than 5mm of fabric. I put the yoke on the right way round.

And then came the zip. I sewed it using my machine and the zipper foot. All went well. Until I did the zip up and... everything was out of alignment! The yoke on the right hand side was an inch higher than the left hand side!

But the hem was straight. Weird huh?! So I fudged. I folded the yoke over, and stuck everything down with WonderWeb.

All that was left then was the hem. That was the easiest part of the whole skirt.

Look! My first skirt! It has pockets, and a zip!

I feel very proud of myself, and look forward to sewing more of my clothing now!


Saturday, 17 March 2012

Sock Saturday - 3x1 Rib

This is the most recently completed pair of socks. I started them during the sock workshop I teach at Jumble Jelly in Bradford-On-Avon, as I think its much nicer to knit along as then I can show the techniques being used.

The yarn is Fortissima Socka, and it feels quite thick for a fingering weight sock yarn, but it was really nice to use, very soft on the hands. And the colours are awesome! They remind me of nougat for some reason... or ice cream. I felt hungry everytime I knit them anyway!

This pair are in the post right now going to find my nan for Mother's Day. Nan loves my socks, in fact she gave me this yarn last year to knit a pair for her. So she can finally have them!


Friday, 16 March 2012

Fibre Friday

New Friday thing to get me spinning more! Fibre Friday!

So currently on my gorgeous Joyce (thats my Ashford Joy spinning wheel for anyone who doesn't know!) I am spinning black merino that I blended together with some silver sparklies on my drumcarder. Its going slow, mostly because I'm spinning soooo fine. But here is a picture:

(Can I just say how much I love Instagram?!?!)

And because I felt like it last night, I started playing with a spindle I got from the Podcaster Challenge 2011. Its from Spinerosity, is a bottom whorl of .5oz (according to google this is approx 14 grams). The label says its a mini supported spindle, but I'm using it as a normal spindle and its working just fine!

The fibre is... I don't know. I got a bag of botany lap waste from World of Wool. I don't think it has silk in it, there isn't the sheen you get from silk (for those who don't know - I don't really like to use silk as the silk worms are boiled alive in their cocoons for the majority of silk production), so I'm thinking its just blended merino. But I can't find anything like it on the website.

Anyways, I have no idea how much there is of the blue, I just wanted to do some drop spindling, and couldn't be bothered to dig out Severus (my snakewood turkish spindle) or my other spindle who doesn't ever seem to have been officially named anything (tulipwood drop spindle).

I should dig them out though... the other spindle has had baby camel on it for well over a year now...


Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Cables At An Angle

This is my latest design, a gorgeous scarf knit on the bias with cables going at a diagonal across the scarf.

It uses one ball of Rico Superba Poems fingering weight yarn, and so would work with any sock yarn. I think it would also work well in a heavier yarn too!

This design has been bubbling in my mind ever since I knit a Clapotis. I loved the construction, knitting on the bias is so much fun! And then when I saw the Rico Superba Poems I knew the long colour repeats would lend itself well to this pattern that had been brewing.

It took a long time to create! I started designing this at the end of September last year. It went through several incarnations before I was finally happy with the cable width and height - at least this yarn doesn't mind being frogged too much!

And so its finally finished, and available for purchase! Fully written and charted, this pattern is knit on 4mm needles and uses a cable needle and 8 stitch markers. It can be bought for £2.50 from Ravelry or Hobby Buddies.


Saturday, 3 March 2012

Sock Saturday - Wavy Socks

We all know how much I love knitting socks. And I've recently started designing patterns... soooo... it wasn't long before I came up with a sock pattern!

These are Wavy Socks. I think they look fab in a self-striping yarn! But they would also look good in a semi/solid yarn too, where the wave would really pop!

Knit from the top down, with a heel flap and gusset, this pattern is fully written out and charted.

You can find it for sale for £2.50 on Ravelry and Hobby Buddies.



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