Friday, 27 April 2012

Day 5 - Something A Bit Different 3KCBWDAY5

Severus Snape was wandering his dungeons when he realised something was missing from his life.

And off he went. He trawled around the castle and found someone who shouldn't be there...

Hmmm... That really isn't right! Lets try outside in the grounds...

And with the giant duck in tow, they ventured close to the Forbidden Forest...

Shivering, Severus and the giant duck made their way back to the castle. He felt sad as he was convinced today was the day he'd find his one true love...

But wait! Who is that standing on the steps?! Oh my, only the most amazing person in the whole wide world ever!

Its Miss Elle (in doll form no less!!!)!!! YAY! And they lived happily ever after in the dungeon.


PS: Totally wish this would happen :P

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Day 4 - Seasons 3KCBWDAY4

A knitter and crocheter for all seasons? I like to think so. I don't worry about what the weather is doing outside to relate it to my knitting. If I want to knit something awesome, I'm going to knit it!

You see I'm pushed to do these things by the Harry Potter Knitting/Crochet House Cup. Yes, this is a real thing. Each "year" is a 3 month period, with each month being a "term" and you can take classes each month in various things such as Defence Against The Dark Arts, Potions (yum), Herbology etc etc. The prompts can be narrow (craft something that uses the principle of pi - Arithmancy) or wide open (craft something that you have dreamt about - Divination). Points are awarded at 15 base points for a class (a maximum of 6 classes can be awarded this), and then there are bonus points which are awarded for yardage used, good story telling, professor's favourite and other secret ways.

You can also take OWLs (6-8 week projects) and NEWTs (10-12 week projects I think). More recently the Order of the Phoenix has been introduced (4-6 week projects). Each of these carries their own amount of points.

And I can't tell you about this fun without mentioning sorting! We all get sorted. But each "year" we all get sorted again. We go and talk to Mr Sorting Hat, tell him where we'd prefer to be (or not if you don't really care), tell him why you want to be there, and any other details you think are relevant.

Of course I'm a Slytherin. Mmm Snapey goodness. We are the best house (in my opinion lol), we have a bar, hotties, we live in a dungeon with hotties, and did I mention the hotties? We can all claim our own hotties, and some people have originals, and others have geminio copies. I have original Tom Paris, Weyoun and a copy of Snape. We have our own K/CALs, quests and so many other fun things to do.

But I'm digressing from the topic now.

Due to the wonder of the HPKCHC, I no longer worry about the seasons. Here is what I crafted 4 of the months last year:

So quite a range there. And of course, lots of lovely socks :D

And my 3rd Zen Quest was completed and I was awarded this gorgeous little thing:



Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Day 3 - Your Knitting Or Crochet Hero 3KCBWDAY3

Me, great grandma, mum and nan

For long-term readers of the blog and listeners of the podcast, it should come as no surprise that my hero is my nan. And my mum. And in some ways my great grandma (thats all of us up there in that picture from October 2010 - as far as I know my great grandma is still alive!).

And though he is no longer with us - my grandad. I have distinct memories of going to a yarn store my nan and grandad, where my nan would buy handknitting wool and my grandad would buy machine knitting cones of wool, and I would pick up the resident cat and love all over it. From this same shop I believe I was bought a knitting nancy, my first long stitch sewing picture kit, and I probably helped to choose colours of yarn.

My grandad had 3 knitting machines I think. He was probably the one who bought me the children's knitting machine that was pink and probably about half a metre in length. I remember just chugging up and down, up and down and making huge lengths of fabric. Nothing ever happened with these fabrics, but I was doing what grandad did.

My nan initially taught me to knit, but as a small person I didn't take to it. She also taught me to crochet, and I can make a granny square because of her. She's enabled me in ways no-one ever has - my spinning wheel and my sewing machine are thanks to her.
"Joyce" named after my nan
My mum has always been so encouraging as well. She taught me to cross stitch, and I spent most of my childhood as a cross stitcher. When I damaged my knee and was on crutches for 11 weeks, I spent that time cross stitching. My mum and my dad took me to some stitch and craft show in London on a coach trip, and they bought me lots of Ancient Egyptian kits. One day I will get them framed and display them proudly!

My great grandma used to be a great crafter. When I saw her in October 2010 she said she couldn't knit anymore, but she could still crochet, and I saw some little baby outfits she was making. I don't know if she can still do anything, as she was losing her mind (she didn't remember who I was to begin with, and then kept calling me by my mum's name - but my nan does that all the time anyway!), but I hope if I'm still alive in my 90s that I can still craft too.

So here's to my family for all their encouragement throughout the years. Without you I wouldn't be where I am now, I wouldn't have the friends I do, and I certainly wouldn't be able to make my own clothes!


PS: My mum has also enabled my love of Snape as she bought me the box set of HP films for Christmas. Does that satisfy the Snape requirement Naomi?!?!

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Day 2 - Photography Challenge 3KCBWDAY2

Photographer - Thom Gregory
I'm not a photographer. I'm a model. I don't devise concepts, I work them hahaha. Without sounding big headed - the camera loves me. Here is a bunch of pictures of my Goth modelling days that I put together for my fashion retailing assignment at uni:

Photographer - Draken Photography
People come up with concepts for me. Like wearing nothing but a white thong and being covered in body paint by your (then) boyfriends (female) cousin and her friend for 4 hours, 40 minutes of being photographed and then 5 minutes in the bath to wash it all off.

Photographer - Mal Photography
I even photograph nude... but you don't want to see that. Even if there are a few knitting and spinning ones!

So trying to come up with a concept for this photography challenge... well... I haven't. Not really. All I did was profess my love to Severus Snape and show I'm a true Slytherin. But everyone already knew that.

Mmmm Snapey goodness.
Yup, thats my new Daybreak Shawl by Stephen West using Left Coast Yarns Slytherin sock yarn. And thats my entry to the photography challenge. Pretty lame I know...

So heres an added bonus of me wearing the shawl!

Mmm Slytheriffic!


PS: I wonder if I can get Severus Snape in every one of my entries this week somehow?!?!

Monday, 23 April 2012

Day 1 - Colour Lovers 3KCBWDAY1

As a (former? failed?) Goth, I would have expected my stash to have more black in it. Theres the bunch of Sublime extra fine merino DK which will eventually become a cardigan (when it stops breaking my heart - the ex bought it for me you see), theres the black merino with silver angelina that I'm currently spinning on my wheel, and a splash of black in the socks yarn (usually with another colour).

Which makes me wonder why I'm so drawn to colour. I don't wear it really, expect in socks, and the occasional shawlette. Mostly I wear black, with some grey. And thats not because I'm Ruby Gloom or Emily Strange anymore, its just easier. Only one load of laundry to do everyweek then (this is important for a fibromyalgia sufferer who is currently living alone).

There is one item in my stash that I'm incredibly drawn to at the moment:

Not the best picture, but I don't have fantastic light in this crummy flat (sunlight never reaches me!). But its a gorgeous mixture of greens. Its BFL with sparkles, and from FeltStudio UK. I bought it at Unravel 2012, and was just instantly drawn to it. I can't explain why. It was a gorgeous looking spring day though, and this is quite a spring colourway.

But looking back over my finished projects (of which Ravelry says there are 154 plus a couple more I need to add today!), there seems to be a predominance of blue. Alot of them are socks I've knit for my nan (she looks so good in blue)...

Thats quite a bit of blue for 12 out of 154 projects. Of course there are more than 12 blue projects, but these are the ones that looked best on the powerpoint slide.

Enough babbling from me today though!


PS: Yes that is a framed photograph of David Tennant as Ten on top of my stash storage. It is signed. Back when the ex loved me, he got it for me. And yes, that is also a picture of Severus Snape. He is my one true love afterall!

Friday, 13 April 2012

Fibre Friday - Etsy Store Now Open!

Yup, the thing I've been working on getting up and launched since October 2011 is finally here!

I've opened an Etsy store selling drumcarded batts (and soon handpulled roving)! The picture above is the stock I opened with, and I've already sold one which I'm terribly excited about :)

I hope you'll go and have a look, maybe make a purchase if you spin, or just pass along the store link to people you know who spin :)

In other spinning news I'm so close to finishing the first bobbin of the black merino with silver sparkles batt. I'm going to be at Jumble Jelly all day tomorrow with my wheel to help celebrate their first birthday, so I'm hoping to get lots of spinning done!

The baby camel on Spinderella (IST Spindle) is going well, I have around 50g (of 150g) left to go. I might get it finished in the next year some time haha!


Saturday, 7 April 2012

Sock Saturday - Bargain Balls!

Ahhh... Bargain balls. How can one resist sock yarn thats on sale? Especially when its sport weight in a 150 gram ball for... £3.99. Oh Kemps, we love you so much!

Now I have perfected my fingering weight sock. A 60 stitch cast on is best for me. But sport weight? Thats a whole new ball game! Many discussions on Twitter and Ravelry were followed to determine what I should do best.

Too many conflicts! I decided to wing it and hope for the best.

I cast on 48 stitches, fingers crossed that this would work. If it didn't... Well, it would fit someone right?!?!?!

Well the Knitting Goddess must have been looking down on me quite favourably... as it worked! Perfect fit.

I now have another 8 balls of this bargain yarn, I kept saying this winter that I needed thicker socks (I wear my handknit socks ALL year round as I have incredibly cold feet). Each ball is a different colour too.

I think I'll stick with the same 3x1 rib for all of them. At least then I'll know they will be nice, thick and warm if this winter is anything like the one just gone (its possible I thought it was worse than it was due to no central heating and a flat with single pane windows brrr).


Friday, 6 April 2012

Fibre Friday - Meet Weyoun

Here is my delightful new spindle who I have named Weyoun. He's a present from the gorgeous B and her partner who run MattyMouseMakes and create gorgeous spindles, yarn bowls and buttons (amongst other things) from reclaimed wood that is found around their area. Amazing.

I weighed Weyoun at about 21 grams, which is the heaviest spindle I own. And yet I spun the finest I ever have:

And its been navajo plied (ply on the fly). Its tiny. It looks like laceweight. Its amazing, I swear.

I know its 10 grams of merino, but again, I don't know the yardage. I need a washing and whacking session of some handspun this weekend.

I also spun this tiny sample of a batt I made:
Pretty and shiny! Blue and purple merino, black alpaca, black bamboo and blue and purple angelina.



Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Triangular Triangles

I really wanted to write this post last week when I released the pattern, but my laptop (only 3 months old!!!) decided to die on Tuesday night. The harddrive gave up the ghost. And whilst I have been religiously doing back ups, it turns out that I was only backing up documents and music, but not my pictures!!! Madness. That has now been rectified, but I've lost all my pictures since November :(

However most of my knitting ones are on Ravelry and so I can save them again! YAY!

Anyway, this is my latest knitwear design, a bottom up shawl called Triangular Triangles. Why bottom up? Coz then you can make it as a big as you like and use as much yarn as you want! Hey, why not even try using a different weight of yarn? I bet this would look lovely in a laceweight, or even an aran weight for snuggly winter evenings.

This is my favourite way of wearing the shawl, its so cosy. I used Natural Dye Studio Dazzle HT sock yarn, in the colourway "Darling". Its a beautiful mix of blues and purples, very gentle and subtle. I used one skein, with yardage of 437 yards.

Oooo so many triangles in that triangular shawl!!!!

Equally it looks just as nice as a normal shawl! It blocked quite large for just one skein, which I was very impressed with.

As with all my patterns it is fully charted and written. You can purchase it on Ravelry for £2.50.

Public Service Announcement: Please do a back up of your computer! Don't wait! Get your computer to do it for you - mine will now back up every night!!!



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