Monday, 17 September 2012

Making Monday - Meet Madeline

Here is Madeline. My new sewing machine! I know I've only had my previous sewing machine for a year, but I love sewing and we didn't get along. Lorelei is a very basic machine, with one speed setting - I'm going to sew fast! I need a machine thats easier to control, and Madeline has 3 speed settings! I'm working very well with the medium setting.

Ok, so she is a Brother, Innov-Is 10-A, which is an Anniversary edition. My LYS is also a Brother delear you see, so I was able to pick a new machine based on what I needed! She has lots of cool functions like when you stop sewing the needle will end down in the fabric rather than just anywhere it wants to stop (great for when you need to turn a corner!), the sewing backwards happens by itself - just a press of a button! A top loading bobbin which is just the coolest thing ever for me, apparently it will thread the needle by itself but I was too excited to read how to do that... and and and you can drop the feed dogs (funny names!) for free hand embroidery! And the usual load of stitches and a little computer screen to change to length and width of the stitches! Fun fun fun.

Anyway, as I now work at my LYS, we decided we needed a "uniform" of sorts, so people will know when we are working and when we are just hanging out in the store. Enter Operation Apron!

We're all making a half apron to represent us! And so I googled for a tutorial and found this one. I knew I wanted a frilly edge, and pockets and I wanted it slightly rounded.

In my head it was sort of French Maid with a touch of Goth. And I had to use the skull and cross bone ribbon from work - it was a must!

So here it is before pockets:

I think we can agree it is slightly French Maid right?! When following the tutorial I actually didn't add the 6.5" on to the waist, I didn't want the apron to meet at the back, I wanted the ruffles around me!!!

And I inserted ribbon through the waist band. It doesn't move as I sewed it down on the openings, but you can see faint skull and crossbones through the fabric, and it makes me happy :D I was intending to sew the ribbon on top of the waist band, but I couldn't be bothered :P

I did my pocket differently too. Mostly because I was getting tired and misread the instructions :P My pockets have little coverings so if I put something in them I can hide them!

Look, a pocket!

More cute little skull and crossbones!

And here is the finished article in all its glory!

Yup, there are two pockets, and pleats and ruffles! I've always fought with ruffles before, but my new machine made them a dream to make!

So yes I am in love with my Madeline... and I can't wait to go to work on Thursday eeee!



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